Fashion Notes: My Obsession with Black Catsuits

For B’s May 2009 London date, I’m going to dress in a catsuit if I lose enough weight to look as banging as her:


B looks wicked! This picture was taken yonks ago in November 2008 and she had this amazing leather gloves on as well. I swear Bee is listening to me because I am queen of long gloves. Rihanna’s catsuit attempt also looks great.

These girls have wicked figures though. I have also been losing trickles of weight here and there. I weighed myself the other day and I was 68 fucking kilos! Huzzah! I was so happy. Just a fortnight ago, I was around 73 kilos. Drinking lots of tea & water, not eating chocolate, eating apples along with pasta has definitely helped.

I just need to get my thighs whipped back into shape and my dreams of going to the 25 May 2009 dressed like B in a black catsuit might be on its’ way. Eartha would be proud.

6 thoughts on “Fashion Notes: My Obsession with Black Catsuits

  1. I plan to purchase a leather catsuit for myself, something like Rihanna’s but maybe not as shiny.

  2. @Boris: I knew Beyonce was going to smash it. I had no doubt because she is a fantastic singer!

    I hate going to the gym but I have been trying to go jogging as well.

  3. 68 kilos is good. im like 70 and slim(well athletic haha)
    the gym just didnt help me get some muscles AT ALL

  4. i think Bey showed that shes still a G when she sung on X_Factor. u can have all these diddy girl bands and one hit wonders but she’ll come back to kill it

    her voice was aaaamazing. i cant see many other ‘urban music’ divas singing like she sang that night.

    …..and why is that put a ring song growing on me lol. makes me wanna make a video too haha(…..not really tho haha)

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