Versions of Colour Bias: Benicio del Toro & K.D. Aubert


BDT is my older man crush of the moment. When I was doing research for my review of Che: Part One, I was shocked to find Benicio del Toro referred to as the ‘Latino Brad Pitt’, by the Agence France-Presse nonetheless. Why does he have to be the ‘Latino’ version of Brad Pitt? Surely, he is just himself.

It’s not like film heads don’t know who he is. He has an Oscar, hello! Then it hit me, they used the word ”Latino” as the prefix to the headline. Either this is terrible sub-editing or it is a conscious attempt to make him appear ‘second-rate’ as if his ethnicity requires an explanation.

On his imdb board, there is some of the same nonsense saying he looks like Brad Pitt or James Franco (WTF @ the latter choice as well).  I just don’t think it is particularly fair. Why is it that people of colour have to be version 1.1 ? I’m sure BDT is not losing sleep over it but it still irks me all the same.

K.D. Aubert: This example hacks me off even more. Aubert is referred to on plenty of websites as the ‘Black Angelina Jolie’. WTF? Again, why she is a ‘version’ or ‘copy’ of someone else? It leads me to think that some factions of the media only know *how* to sell ethnic minorities as ‘white’ copies because that is supposedly what sells.

This is a serious problem and actually ragingly dangerous especially to younger people who are still impressionable. We are all unique – not copies of others.


12 thoughts on “Versions of Colour Bias: Benicio del Toro & K.D. Aubert

  1. One more note if I may 🙂 – I think it is also very likely that they are just trying to leach off of these fellow actors success not there race. I myself would love to be referred to as a white….. Well anyone famous of any race 😉

  2. The target demographic is Caucasian in this particular article. There market research has likely suggested that the majority of there customers (Readers or viewers) are white. This being the case they have chosen to pander to there majority audience. I would not take this personally. —————- I would also make the argument that this complaint may be racially motivated in and of itself. ——————– From a Caucasian perspective I am offended by the idea of the BET channel. I do not think a WET channel would be so socially acceptable. Do you?

    • To be honest, the BET channel is for a minority group in the US who have been marginalised in the past. It is needed and if you can’t see why it is needed, then it’s going to be hard for me to even explain why. Black people in the US need their own media, it’s that simple.

      • I agree. I would go so far as to say that there is nothing wrong with any race having there own media. I just don’t think WET would be viewed in the same light as BET. It would most likely be construed as racist. {and please do not claim that most American entertainment is white entertainment 🙂 I am white and I find most American entertainment to not be entertaining in the least. I guess I am just frustrated with the current race double standard.
        I would rather see the focus placed on the rich vs the poor rather than black vs the white. In the end I think this has been and is still the biggest human rights problem we face as a species not a race. I would like to elaborate on this but I do not have the time at the moment. Later?

  3. @Aisha: Tell me about it. It’s very frustrating. I think BDT’s career is on the rise because of his talent more so than his looks, although he is beautiful.

    K.D.Aubert’s rise to male magazine stardom seems a bit more iffy because the model to actress thing…hmmm

  4. Constantly comparing people of color to whites is so annoying. Why are white people used as the measuring stick for everything? Sheesh.

  5. @rawdawg: happy 2009 to you too 😉

    @SDG: I hate the way they do it as well, it is so annoying. He is just himself. And a gorgeous man at that. He has a very piercing and intense look. Yum!

    K.D. Aubert is a gorgeous girl too. She doesn’t have to be a copy of someone else.

  6. These comparisons bug me as well. Monie, you are right about that “lens” because it is indeed narrow. It has zero ability to see anything outside its own world.

    Benicio and KD are who they are. Both beautiful in their own way and individuals. I remember the first time I ever saw Benicio and that was in “License To Kill”, Dalton’s foray into 007 territory.

    I stared hard because his look was so different than anyone I’d ever seen. I think he’s gotten better looking as he’s gotten older.

  7. @Monie: exactly, he looks nothing like brad pitt. why are all men compared to him? Brad Pitt is an alright looking bloke but I don’t get why he has to be compared.

    Just proves that even if someone looks ‘white’, they are not seen like that by the media.

  8. aulelia,

    First of all I don’t even get the Brad Pitt comparison? Benicio looks nothing like Brad to me.

    It’s amazing that some White people can only see others through the prisim of Whiteness.

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