Black Girls in Newspapers: Laura Izibor/Guardian

I caught this lovely article of black Irish singer Laura Izibor in The Guardian today at work, but was too worried to scan it at work lol, so here is the article online. Izibor talks about black women in Ireland in a little depth here:

Given how few black female soul singers are coming out of Ireland, Izibor will face inevitable comparisons here with Samantha Mumba, last seen in 2008’s Dancing On Ice. Does this annoy her? “Not at all. It’s not even an issue – Samantha Mumba did some great things,” Izibor says diplomatically of Mumba’s sugar-coated pop.

Izibor seems like she has bags of energy and fire in here. You can tell she is passionate. I don’t know what it is about her, but I just have this good feeling about her. I hope she gets the shine she deserves.

Her debut album comes out this March.

And before anyone even tries to tell me she is not ‘black’, here is something from herself:

“Without fail, every American interview has to begin with, ‘What’s it like being black and being Irish?’ Yes, there are black people in Ireland, and in England, and in France. But Ireland’s like the trippiest for them,”

Just want to make sure we are all on the same page lol.

3 thoughts on “Black Girls in Newspapers: Laura Izibor/Guardian

  1. @Monie: Honestly, this girl just has *it*. I don’t know what it is, but her voice is smooth and her attitude is wicked as well.

  2. Aulelia,

    Thanks for posting this. I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new singers. She sounds very interesting. I’m going to make a note to myself to check her album out in March.

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