The Female in Domino’s ”Sweet Potato Pie”: Part 1

Video credit: attrell

Sweet Potato Pie is a song which I listen to regularly. It reminds me of my older brother, when I was younger as he had a CD of it. I was thinking today about the female representation in the song.

1st things 1st: In the premier verse, Domino raps “I’m that guy/You’re so fly/Gotta get a piece of that Sweet Potato Pie”. The double meaning in this phrase is covert. The woman is the receiver of the male attention b/c he wants a piece of that ‘pie’, presumably not something baked, but more something some men like to eat.

Look here, I done found a bitch/Yummy for the d…

With this line, Domino continues his theme of the woman being the receiver, expect this time, it has a more aggressive tone to it, signified by him as the male figure who receives. By saying ‘yummy for the d…’, it gives the impression that the female is desperate for him, againing plumping up the male subject’s ego. The word ‘bitch’ in this context is meant to be offensive, but I hope we can reclaim it back. A power bitch is not meant to be ‘found’ by anyone – she just is herself. Hopefully Domino knows that now.

Final verse: The song takes a common dish as a metaphor for how the male wants to ‘enjoy’ women, which is further proven when he says: “I don’t want to be your man.” What’s puzzling yet intriguing about this song is that Domino refers to the women in vague terms yet ones like ‘bitch’ as well, therefore the ‘sweet potato pie’ female remains a shadow, like the echo of the instrumental beat that is the platform for the song.

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