Black Girls in Magazines: Leona Lewis in i-D

Leona Lewis I D Magazine cover December 2008

[image from StyleFrizz/This is the cover for the Dec 08 mag]It

It’s been a while since I have done a ‘black girls in magazines’ post so I am glad to restart this series! What do you all think of the cover? Before I hear anyone say Leona is boring, yes she is but like all new artists, she is shy. She will get spunk up that personality eventually.

I have issues with i-D in the first place for having that samboesque fashion page from last year but Leona is on the cover and I like her fringe. And yeah, Leona is black too 😉 I am going to have to hunt this magazine down because seeing black people in the media is frankly something still I need to get used to.

And no, I will refrain from saying how Eurocentric she looks and how they always play up her eyes. Oops, I just did. There is nothing wrong with this but I just think Leona is pretty as a black woman, not because she has light eyes, just incase anyone thinks I am colourist lol.

Discuss the cover in comments!

12 thoughts on “Black Girls in Magazines: Leona Lewis in i-D

  1. Uh… why no comment? I didn’t know she was black. I thought she was a very very bronzed possibly British – Brazilian or something. Besides I’ve never seen a clear picture of her before.

  2. @lechatnoir, not all Tanzanians think and act the same. There are light skinned Tanzanians near Tanga who many people would say look like “wazungus” which is Swahili for ‘white’. Do you think that we have such strict ethnic rules now?

    I think what you are implying is very dangerous because like many African countries, Tanzania has many different tribal groups who see many things differently.

    Don’t assume just one section of Tanzanians think that way, that we all do too.

    I am a Pan-Africanist so I don’t really see that much difference. Just how I think. I am not saying you must think like me at all.

  3. Aulelia,

    You cleary mesure africaness with a european yard stick . This suprises me then I know TZ have strict ethnic rules. These are not to be messed with in general.

    You accepted Mariah carey as “black” and she is just a quarter.
    Thierry henry has a white mother and a biracial father. He is a quarter african and I know you think he is black as hell, in fact he has never been.

    You have to admit that appearance often trumps the actual ethnic background. This is the reason why blacks often argue with the individual with the mixed background over his own heritage.

    would you accept this fmaily as “black” if their face was printed in every mag.

  4. @lechatnoir, see, I do think it is valid. As far as I am concerned, people like Leona are part of black people because she is half black.

    Someone who is a 1/4 black — I would not automatically call that person black. However, people who are half, I just would.

    I am not saying they should negate their other half – of course not. It is just how I see black people to be honest.

    Black people come in all sorts of shades.

  5. Aulelia,
    I know you are pro black unity, I can see why you automatically accept anyone with a drop of african heritage as a part of the extended african family, if that is your motive then that’s fine , although not valid from a realistic standpoint. Just don’t negate her european background.

    black women with “white looking ” children totally hate it when people point out that their kids do not look like them. My aunt has 2 blond grown up sons of course she hates when people ignore her genetic contribution .It makes her feel as if she is lying.

  6. @Mark, being British does not really mean that one does not have a race. Nationality has nothing to do with ethnic origins.

    @Solshine7, yeah she is a cool girl.

  7. I can actually understand where Sugabelly might be coming from.
    Leona is British, and on the Isles you have a slightly different view of “race” compared to the America.
    Anyways, I like Leona a lot.

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