Weight, Weight, & Weight

So I went to see Solange Knowles* in concert at the Pigalle nightclub in Piccadilly, London. She was really quite brilliant, I must say. It sold out and guess who was there? The whole Knowles dynasty including Tina, Matthew and Beyonce**, the latter whom hid when she saw people recognised her.

Solange is full of energy and very good live. I really enjoyed myself and me and my mate were right at the front.

Besides her good voice, one thing I noticed with how thin yet healthy she looks. She looks thin all the time but she actually looks healthy in real life, more so than say this image to the left.

My weight has been yo-yoing this past year cos of the stress I put myself under when I was publishing Kerosene and studying for my degree. My mum pointed this out to me and I had a massive go at her and I should not have. Last  year, I was a slim 58 kilos and now I am 69 kilos which was and still is an absolute shock. Now I am not saying 69 kilos is fat because it isn’t but I have never been this heavy. Even when I was porky as a child, I lost that weight and watched what I ate. But of course, troubles of the heart like love and stressing out make you put on weight no question about it. Now, I know I need to get this weight under control and at least go back down to 60 kilos.

I still cannot believe I am 11 stone (69 kilos). It has blown my mind.

I have been a member of the girls football club at uni for about 3 weeks but I know I need to do more exercise during the week to get my thighs or shall I say DRUMSTICKS under control quicktime.

And I need my waist back too! I’m giving myself until December to see some sort of change.


* = Solange is much prettier in real life.

** = Daddy Knowles walked past me in the crowd !

[image @ upscale swagger]

8 thoughts on “Weight, Weight, & Weight

  1. i wish i was you…am really struggling to gain weight, i want to cry. i just cant seem to gain weight. i’ve never lost so much weight in my life…:(

  2. @danny, you are right about overworking and starving. That is not good for one’s health and I am falling prey to the former of just overworking all the time, thinking I need to get things done quickly.

    @blackwomenblowthetrumpet, i agree 🙂

  3. Hello there!

    The number on the scale is not what determines how FIT a person actually is… you can line up ten women who are the EXACT weight and height and then have doctors examine them and they will all be in DIFFERENT physical health.

    The important issue is optimal health.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  4. Hi A.

    Your family seem amazing (- your mum is an inspiration!), but don’t let anyone else tell you your ideal weight, you know in your heart what your ideal and optimum weight is. There’s too much pressure placed on people to conform often to an unrealistic ideal of what the “norm” is.

    i’m currently tryin hard to put weight on after loosing a whole load due to stress, every time my family see me they make a big deal out of how thin i am etc. – this only makes the whole thing more stressful.

    Thinner does not always mean better! If you starve/ overwork yourself you will take a lot out of yourself. gradually work up your exercise levels if you think you need to, but be realistic and sensible with the amount you do!

    Look at what level of fitness and size makes you feel healthiest

    Be comfortable with yourself and proud in your body, your beatuty will shine thu.

    Ps from what pics i’ve seen you have nothing to worry about! – and OMG the accent!/ voice!!!

  5. I don’t think I’ve been 11 stone since I was a teenager. I’m currently hovering around 17 – now that’s a shock I can tell you! ;oP

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