Obama & The Disappearance of Malcolm Gladwell: The New Yorker Magazine Cover


**thanks to danny for the alert**

The New Yorker really have pissed in their own mouths with this magazine cover. This is just really fucking disgusting point blank.

I do not have any words to say. I am sorry but this is BANG out of order. You can literally see the symbolism seeping from the image in particular with how they have done Michelle Obama’s hair and the mirror image in the background.

This is very irresponsible image.

Check out some of the comments on the Guardian’s website.

The editor of the New Yorker really should be ashamed. Where is Malcolm Gladwell when you need him?

This is a brilliant comment that sums up exactly how I feel from a commenter called Acetracy on the Guardian’s site:

After 25 years of reading The New Yorker, (probably the best written English periodical in the world)), I now have to put it in the same ranks as the Wall street Journal, The Washington Times, American Standard, and all the other rags that feed the stereotypes of race, poor and religion.

Depicting a presidential candidate in Muslim dress burning the American flag is NO JOKE. There is no irony in this at all. In short The New Yorker has just sealed the election for John McCain.

Let’s not forget that The New Yorker is owned by Conde Nast, making it part of the conservative oligarchy that owns and runs the American press. The rich, the religious right, the military establishment, and the racists Republicans now even have “liberal” magazines doing their hit job on the one last hope for democracy in the USA.

I hate to say this, but The New Yorker and Conde Nast learned all of this from the Brits. Just look at their past editors and staff and you will see that they were imported from Britain. But hey, the Brits have long accepted the rule of the oligarchs. Who still owns Mayfair district of London? And for how many centuries?

I am speechless @ The New Yorker cover.


10 thoughts on “Obama & The Disappearance of Malcolm Gladwell: The New Yorker Magazine Cover

  1. Thanks Aulelia, for the info about the New Yorker. I must say girlfriend, I am not surprised with the New Yorker at all and all this bullshit about this is satire is well bullshit! No this is plain racism for the eye to see. One of the most offensive parts of the cartoon is the depiction that the Obamas are NOT Americans that they are NOT patriotic and that they ARE THE OTHER. The burning American flag is very offensive. Also, Barack is NOT a muslim and Obama was correct when he said the cartoon is also offensive to muslim Americans as well. It is an example of Islamophobia. The picture of Bin Laden on the wall and Michelle with the Angela Davis black panther hair style and her face all screwed up looking angry. Also, look at the staff of the New Yorker all white upper class NYC east side Liberals. So it isn’t just the white conservatives that have a problem with Obama it is also the white liberals as well.

  2. One of the sad things about ‘The New Yorker’ is that they fail to see the world had changed about their ears and they need to wake up fast and stop showing stupid pictures of Barack and Michelle.

  3. Thank for all your comments.

    @danny, i agree with your argument. I think the problem with satire is that there are only a few people or a few types of organisations and publications that know how to do it very well. satire is a type of humour that one should only attempt if one can do it extremely well. As far as I am concerned, the NY in this case is trying too hard to be clever and it comes across as quite pathetic really.

    @dalia, not sure. let me know if u get a link

    @total black tv, please do not troll or post irrelevant links to this post.

    @ph2072, i think the satirical intent has failed greatly here. satire is not supposed to be offensive.

    @blackwomenblow the trumpet, i can imagine miller apologising pretty soon.

  4. Hi there!

    Thanks for blowing the trumpet about this!

    I have been seeing this image all over the blogosphere very recently and it is OUTRAGEOUSLY racist and offensive…

    For those who think this image is NO big deal…let me ask you a question… if this publication wants to do a feature on sexism…it’s okay to show Michelle Obama squatting on all fours with a dog chain around her neck?

    What more does it take before we start FLOODING these publications with complaints?

    Phone number:

    (This is the number for the Subscriptions Department but people can ask to be connected to David Miller.)

    Send a letter! Then, fax it!

    David Miller
    Associate Publisher
    The New Yorker
    4 Times Square
    New York, NY 10036

    And send a note!


    Shouts & Murmurs:

    Fax: 212-286-5024

    Black people have learned a lesson by now…DOING NOTHING changes nothing.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  5. Hmmmm…….. not sure what to think of this. At first glance it’s kinda fucked up, but there seems to also be some satirical intent. Not sure which is stronger.

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  7. it was meant to be “a satirical lampoon of the caricature Senator Obama’s right-wing critics have tried to create”, but WTF? – someone (Barry Blitt) is going to have to reconsider if submitting this artwork for publication was good idea. No pressure Barry, the world is waiting, what you’re going to do about creating this?

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