Black Girls in Magazines: Tyra Banks in New York Magazine

(image @ brown sista)

Slag her off as much as you desire, but the ballyhoo-ha about Ms “I’m a screaming-talk-show host” Banks does not die down. She looks magnifique as Eartha Kitt says in Boomerang.

Tyra is a media mogul. Tyra is a beauty. But lol, she can still be very irritating. I like her though, she has an endearing and powerful quality to her.


6 thoughts on “Black Girls in Magazines: Tyra Banks in New York Magazine

  1. Tyra , is great for what she has acheived . lol i do not watch her show , but she did great with her life , and you can’t knock that ( compare her to naomi ) , not everybody can save the world, and it’s not so easy to just help everybody , especially when there are so many layers of people to pass through . I applaud her , kudos !!!!

  2. @felicity, yeah i love it too. the black and white vibe is cute

    @sdg, you have made a great point. i do think tyra should try and ‘groom’ a new generation of talent as well. it is all fair for her to be the centre of attention but for viability, there cannot be one locus of attention all the time.

    @rawdawgbuffalo, lol @ barbie comment!

    @jose, she is a stunner but she does know it!

  3. I love that photo of her. My only beef with Tyra is that she can do better. She has not held true to her promise of creating programs to lift young black girls up; at least not on tv. I’d like to see that kind of programming from her.

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