Ajuma Nasanyana — a different kind of model?


I have blogged about Ajuma before but I really think she is stunning and a new talent modelling-wise. She is Kenyan (East African representation baby lol! I may be Tanzanian but seeing her succeed is great!) and I saw her in an advert in a magazine for the new Vivienne Westwood ads. Go Ajuma! She breaks with the Eurocentric status quo fully and that is why I find her so stunning. Her look is wholly African. I hope she has a great career and gets the breaks that Naomi has gotten. Hopefully unlike Naomi, she will be able to succeed and make something for herself.

12 thoughts on “Ajuma Nasanyana — a different kind of model?

  1. I have known Ajuma since she was a young girl.she is stuning beautiful.she has never changed from her former outlook.this is the natural beauty,that i have witnessed stand the test of time more strongly than ever. If there is someone in this universe who thinks somebody from a humble backgroung,in lodwar town,the most rural town in kenya-Africa can make a landmark big enough to outshine our own prejudies of race and creed for the spin of ages, Ajuma is the answer. Go on ! girl we are really proud of you. guys she is the only thing that makes me proud of being a Turkana.

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  3. Im realy happy to know that the fashion world is understanding that there are something diferent from white skin on its world. i just hope she goes ahead breaking the walls that Veronica, Beverly, Iman, naomi , alek and many others started alraady.

  4. I don’t think so she represents the African Beauty, just another stereotype what is the bafrican beauty. In Africa to have the cut hair means the mourning. There are more beautifull woman in Africa.
    Senegalaese, Malian or south African etc…

  5. I really love Ajuma. To me, her looks are perfect but I despise the V Westwood ad campaign. I think it is really very stereotypical and I expected so much more. I blogged about it aulelia and am curious to hear what you think. I have a tendancy to get too worked up sometimes 🙂

  6. @Baby Please — Lol, I think I know who you are referring too. Ajuma is really pretty. And I am not just giving her credit for being a fellow East African girl LOL!

    @sachab28 — she is a stunner!

    @Ensayn — I will look her up. Has she been on any campaigns?

  7. Thanks Aulelia for bringing out some new faces. Have you seen or heard of Sosheba Griffiths from Trenchtown Jamaica? I only heard of her just today.

  8. I’m glad that industry is slowly beginning to recognize there are other kinds of beauty. I’ve never seen this model before. She has a magnificent face and PEFECT skin. Good for her. I actually think she’s cuter than the other African model. You know who I mean. I forgot her name.

    Nice pic and nice post.

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