Blended Thoughts: Glamour + i-D

*I bought the recent issue of British Glamour (quick magazine review: pretty much no original content, all features scanned from US Glamour so this reader is not pleased).

I was looking at the beauty pages, next thing I see is a selection of famous women. Well, well, well, Beyonce was listed as the ‘Dark’ part and the only black woman there. I was not surprised but it still pissed me off. I did actually like that magazine and was thinking of subscribing but now I can’t. My head will not allow it because clearly they don’t fucking understand the black woman or Latinas either (J.Lo was listed as Tanned or something — are all Latinas ”tanned”? I am sure there is a healthy diversity within that community). Beyonce is not dark, she is a light-skinned woman. If I was to bounce into their office and they were doing a beauty spread, what the fuck would they say to me? It is so important in magazines like that, that claim to be multi-cultural and for all women, that all women are represented. They must learn and try to understand the nuances that lie in black women’s beauty. Black girls come in all shades and if you are going to stick Beyonce in there, do not make a mistake about! That makes them look unresearched and narrow-minded and just reeks of Eurocentrism. They do have a black woman on staff, I saw her picture in one of their shopping supplements on the masthead. Where the HELL was she when they made that page?

Am I being too analytic about this or do small occurences like this truly show how closeted some media publications are?

*Then again, british fashion magazines are getting chopped up with even ALLOWING fashion editorials like this:

This was from i-D magazine, a title that I thought was going the right way since it featured ethnic faces. This image is just wrong. If I have to explain why it is wrong to anyone, I have a few words for them: Google The Little Black Sambo and then come back to me. Fashion is clearly a treacherous path for black girls. This was supposedly an American Apparel advertorial but AA denies it. Read more about American American controversy here. And it is such a shame because Naomi C is on the new cover of i-D. I just don’t fucking get it: why isn’t this image making people fucking furious??


[edit] i’m sorry for the profanity.

4 thoughts on “Blended Thoughts: Glamour + i-D

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  3. ok ! understand where you are coming from i am a Black women in the US. and i know that Beyonce is not “DARK i guess they where on a white scale not a black scale. and the pic above is just SAD she looks like she is in black face!

  4. Very disappointing, but a wakeup call I think.
    Thankyou for posting it.

    You heard about the scandal with Glamour regarding the exec who made racially insulting comments about women wearing their hair natural in the business world?
    I believe she described it as a no-no or something to that effect…
    You won’t catch Glamour in my hand after that unless some kind of full-on non-begrudging apology is issued.

    There have been signs lately that the racism needs to be checked more vigilantly.

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